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Swiss International Air Lines AG (short for Aktiengesellschaft), commonly referred to as Swiss or Swiss Air Lines, is the flag carrier of Switzerland, operating scheduled services in Europe and to North America, South America, Africa and Asia. Zurich Airport serves as its sole hub and Geneva Airport as a focus city. The airline was formed following the bankruptcy in 2002 of Swissair, Switzerland's then flag carrier. The new airline was built around what had been Swissair's regional subsidiary, Crossair. Swiss retains Crossair's IATA code LX (Swissair's code was SR). It assumed Swissair's old ICAO code of SWR (Crossair's was CRX), to maintain international traffic rights. It is a member of Star Alliance and a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group. Its headquarters are at EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg near Basel, Switzerland, and an office at Zurich Airport in Kloten, Switzerland. The company's registered office is in Basel.


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Senior Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Management all sick up for each other and bully the staff. Staff get no rewards and treat staff terrible. Staff are amazing workers and they get no thanks not even a Christmas card. Salary is bad for what staff do. Manager won’t cover shifts would rather get agency in then cover shifts they don’t even help in the floor."

Carer nights (Former Employee) says

"The worst place I have ever worked such a toxic environment !! Understaffed constantly you are expected to do stuff that goes against cqc Cons: Everything"

Administration Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This workplace pushed me to the brink of a mental breakdown. Cons: I suffered a series of panic attacks after this employment."

Laundry Worker (Former Employee) says

"I came for the interview as a care worker but the area manager pressured me into taking a role in the laundry as she said I “looked like a cleaner.” Cons: I’m now unemployed"

care assistant (Former Employee) says

"Only good thing about this place is the wonderfull staff and lovely residents Managment are rude think they are above everybody speak to the staff like there are dirt on there shoes disorganised Cons: staff treat like animals"

Registered Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very clicky company... If they want you out because your face doesn't fit then your out.. Very under handed on how they treat you!! Cons: Absolutely hurrendous"

Carer Assistant (Current Employee) says

"we work for this company that have driven most of its business to the ground , what once was a " good " in the Inspections reports are now Inadequate just like the Regional Team, no support pass the buck and try to undermine everyone. Toxic and very unprofessional, avoid, but the cracks are appearing for all to see. Doubt this company will be around for long, its crumbling all around and you deserve all you get .Avoid !! Residents and Staff put in danger from this poorly managed shamble of a company."

Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The actual care home I worked for was lovely. The residents, family members and m o s t the people I worked with was a pleasure. Over the time of me working there I watched and experienced everything slowly diminish and just get worse.The care, staff, reputation of the home itself used to be well known in the community and now it has just lost whatever good reputation it has.It has become cliquey, childish making you feel like you are back at school with how petty some staff can treat each other if 'your face doesn't fit' or you aren't part of the 'in crowd'. Roseberry as a company have run it into the ground. The service users are just pound signs, they do not come anywhere close to getting the full service they pay for. They don't get the full care and time they need because carers and all other staff are rushed around expected to do everything and deal with everything that goes on whilst the management enjoy the comfort of their office ignoring everything around them. Management refuse to do the full expectation of their job role and lumber it off to their senior staff and don't fully support the employees Staff are exhausted, fed up, overworked and expected to work short staffed e v e r y d a y along with overtime and constant phone calls on days off to cover (even at stupid early times of the day)"

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Fabulous home with fabulous carers. Management poor with poor terminology towards the staff and little respect. Shame as the home was superbly run with a fabulous team. Care homes although still a business should have give and take and have management who have some decorum, don’t discriminate against their staff and much more empathy"

Carer (Current Employee) says

"Not recommended working at Swiss cottage. Terrible environment & poor management. Understaffed in every department & no! Appreciate for staff that are there"

Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Very negative company, staff are just numbers and residents are pound signs, there are no perks or incentives, the senior management are not at all supportive, they expect a lot from staff and offer nothing in return, staff are blamed for when things go wrong and often dismissed out of hand. Terrible company to work for"

Senior Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company and they offer no support to staff. They are unprofessional and as long as the rooms are filled they care nothing about the lifes of the residents. If no profit they will close the home and vulnerable elderly people are moved elsewhere. Staff work like dogs with no time for proper breaks. I would never place any of my elderly relatives in their care. Cons: No support, short staffed, underpaid, management overpaid"

home manger (Current Employee) says

"poor support from senior management Cons: the management"

Support Worker (Former Employee) says

"I supported young people high on the autistic spectrum for this service. Service users are not the priority. Staff not looked after. Poor management. Poor pay. No work life balance. Minimal training. Bad food preparation and food hygiene. Lovely service users not supported with their development it just a place to eat and sleep Cons: The management"

Acting Manager (Former Employee) says

"this is the worst company i have ever worked for, long hours, poor pay, no respect, no support, avoid at all costs. what a shower of shi**. do not put your relatives in their care!!!! Cons: long hours, poor pay, no support, senior managment are a complete farse!"

Senior Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I do not wish to comment mostly about this company but I would not work for them if I was given the opportunity again. The benefits were poor and the company did not care about their clients or staff at all. Cons: everything"

Senior Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"poor pay for such a poor company, unwilling to comply with CQC regulations, constant harassment and bullying. no confidentially or support from management no praises for hard work only disaplinary procedures. staff are offered no training to progress."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"No ethics, poor staff, poor pay, no training, Cons: Poor pay, no support, no ethics"

Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Excellent bunch of people on floor level apart from laundry and activities residents in dirty clothes and no activities to help them stay active. No support from manager or Regional managers break all covid rules. Not many positives can be said about this company. Cons: Some seniors and management"

Care Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Bullying and intimidation is widespread, nothing good to say, majority of staff looking for other jobs. Not enough equipment to do job. Conduct of some staff is a lot to be desired. Cons: Bullying"

MOfo says

"Avoid like the plague. Swissair should get back to hurding cattle and they would probably still do a bad job at it too. "

DrhalsleY says

"7 months and counting, waiting for a refund Of my tickets that were cancelled. An endless loop Of the travel Agency saying that they are waiting for swiss, and swiss that we have to go through the travel Agency. Swiss air.. a joke. Steer clear. There are lots Of better airlines."

Sc Bernadette says

"I booked a flight 1 year ago via Expedia but Swiss charged me on my creditcard. Due to corona this flight got cancelled and I asked for refund. So it’s now a year ago and I am still waiting for my money. And Swiss is telling me to call Expedia - Expedia is telling me to call Swiss so Nobody is in charge - and Swiss definitely is the liar as they charged me not Expedia - this is so frustrating as no one can help me - super bad service"

Mulin Griffioen says

"I waited for a long time before writing this so I don't sound agitated. Story is simple, a passenger sat next to me on a flight from zürich to Hong Kong argued badly with the flight attendants and somehow got me involved, in the end the purser took his anger out on me, an innocent bystander. As soon as I got off the plane in Hong Kong, I called Swiss Air to cancel my return flight and file for an official complaint, the person on the line was kind, assured me the company will follow up the in flight incident. After a few days I called again to check the updates and was told Swiss Air do not take complaint so they don't have any record of mine. Having read about others'reviews I cant help thinking if their calls are diverted to a third party agency and have no coordination?! Horrible experience with their flight attendants and zero service recovery."

Marian LV Pasternak says

"HELL OF AN AIRLINE...bought a confirmed flights Manchester- Zurich-Singapore -Manila on Dec1 for Dec 20 (in and outbound flights). Queued before 3 hrs in check-in in Manchester, Denied boarding as Singapore-Manila flights is not valid ? Rude manager and uncaring staffs. Never happened in my 30 yrs flying . My one reservation ticket was all under SWISS AIR BOOKING. We were -- passengers. Prior to our flights, Phoned and confirmed the Swiss air Costumer services. Operators confirmed that the status of the flights are ok. We were ready to go . We were frustrated in the airports, crying and demanded the reason of the denied boarding. They said that we needed to show CAAS approval that we can land to Singapore to Manila. There was no travel restriction yet. All our negative PCR test and documents were valid. Staffs were inhumane, rude and arrogant, The worst , they do not want to refund our tickets when they denied us boarding . The tickets was sent to us by Swiss AIR under their logo. We just follow the rules and what was detailed in the etickets. They are also liars, giving false information and excuses so that they will not refund. We have no choice but to go to the court and sue this airline for a hell negligence. Abstain , They got bankrupted before, and now we understand why. Better to pay other airlines like Qatar.. the staffs are polite and will help you. SWISS AIR -THE WORST NIGHTMARE WE EVER EXPERIENCED ,"

Julia says

"Swiss Air just keeps your money and wastes your time. We've had the same experience as other reviewers on here: Flight between London and Zurich cancelled due to Covid in March - moved it to a date in May which we could not take it because CH only opened its borders on 5 June and we were in the UK lockdown. Was happy to accept a future travel voucher which never materialised. Webpage link for issuing the voucher has not been working properly, dozens of emails and phone calls since then. Some friendly, some trying to be helpful, some just flippant. I just had Frau RR quoting the terms and conditions back to me (which were surely drafted without facing a pandemic!). They are holding our payment hostage! Very shabby! I can recommend BA on the same route. Throughout the summer - whenever we had to reschedule / cancel flights they were nothing but courteous and we had a travel voucher or refund within an hour of applying for it. EasyJet also very quick, professional and super customer-centred. It seems as if Swiss Air is happy to lose customers and its reputation."

Jennifer says

"I've been having some major problems with this agency I booked my flight with called Go to Gate. They are absolutely impossible to contact, and when I've actually gotten a hold of them- they either hang up, or keep promising me they will change my flight but never do. I decided to contact Swiss directly and talked to a really nice woman who said with no problems she could change my flight for free, since the first connecting flight was with Swiss and got significantly delayed. She then told me she booked me a new flight and would email me a confirmation shorty. After the whole day not receiving the confirmation, I called Swiss back to make sure they sent the confirmation to the right email address. This other woman told me that my flights had NOT been changed, and that Swiss had no authority to change them because the ticket number belonged to United. However, when I called United, THEY told me to contact Swiss. It's been this absolute nightmare trying to get direct straight answers from anyone, and I'm SO disappointed that the first woman at Swiss basically lied to me and told me she had reserved a new flight when in fact she had not. What kind of customer service is this? I'm so tired of all of these airlines treating their customers like garbage. None of them are consistent and none of them care or not if your flight gets delayed, cancelled ,etc. I'm really disappointed in Swiss for giving me completely incorrect information."

Jeff Kelland says

"Swiss cancel Christmas. Needed a reliable airline to connect in Hong Kong for flight to New Zealand for which you must reserve a quarantine place, arrive on the day booked only and travel on the advised flight. Swiss via Zurich fitted the bill. Flight zurich-hong kong cancelled without ceremony for Christmas day. No explanation no compensation as within 14 days of flight. Oh, and if you think first class passengers are treated better ... pnu922 booking"

Jesse Sullivan says

"My flight in April was cancelled due to Covid-19 in April, so harm there. However, I requested a refund for the voucher I was given in June and inquired in September if the refund was issued. I get received an email from Elia Kasekula saying that the refund was issued on August 13th. Nearly three months later the refund has yet to appear and they are claiming that the refund was issued. My bank confirmed no refund had been sent from Swiss Air. Swiss Air has yet to formally declare that they did not issue the refund. This company will steal your money even if your flight is cancelled, I will never be flying with Swiss Air."

Michael O Hare says

"Will never book a flight with Swiss Air again. I booked flights to Bangkok costing £2050 I wanted Swiss Air to honor the flights from the same time next year rather than get a refund. The company refused they insisted on charging the new fares they have posted plus an administration Fee."

Magnus says

"Swiss is not cancelling flights to destinations you cannot immigrate (without Quarantine) from Switzerland. Do they rather fly empty just not to refund the tickets? Customer friendly looks different."

BryanHoey says

"Wouldnt give even one star. Absolute shower of chocolate eating wanckers, the whole lot of swiss air. Refuse to refund so anyone hee before me - they are coming back saying force majeur. I hope they go under and never see light of day again, wanckers"

Mr Anthony Jackson says

"Still waiting for a refund for cancelled April flights - the alleged 'Customer Service' are surly and incredibly unhelpful - I object to being rudely spoken over by a representative of the company who owe me over £3k."

Baroness von Roenne says

"We paid over 1k for our daughters flight to Tokyo which was then cancelled by Swiss air due to Covid. Five months later there is (still) no sound of life from them bar one little message a couple of months ago saying "be patient". How dare they. They should be held up in court for such behavior. We chose Swiss air specifically because we thought they were a reliable, safe airline. What a big mistake. Do not reserve with this airline. From the experience we have had to date we can only say it is a total disaster."

Alex says

"Even though flying with SWISS is still OK (it was surely better organized before the COVID times - now they are clearly saving money at the expense of a timely and quality service), they do operate very dishonest refund practices. My own experience of trying to get refunds for multiple cancelled flightsis that it takes dozens of emails, phone calls etc. in order to get a refund you are fully entitled to. During that time you are being given promises that never materialize, sometimes being openly lied to, and in general given runarounds in hope that you just give up. Everything is geared towards that only the most persistent customers will eventually be able to get a refund - and only after wasting a lot of their time and energy. This is disgraceful, and is of course much closer to a refund scam than to a proper refund policy. They should not be allowed to operate like this, especially in and from Switzerland. Tip: if you are booking a flight with them - book it with your credit card. Then, if the flight is cancelled and they are not returning your money within a month or two - dispute the transaction with your bank / credit card provider as you would with any other unscrupulous merchant that takes your money but doesn't provide the service."

S. Jacobs says

"Swiss is not the same it was years ago!"

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